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name : Verdiana Tan
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Hey Guys, I'm just an ordinary girl who live with a wonderful family.. I love everything that looks cute to me and I love Beach so much.. I hope someday I will have a house near beach.. LOL (: (: Facebook : verdiana_1609@hellokitty.com
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I want to go arround the world
I want to have a cute pupy.. (But, actually, I already have it)
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I want to be success in school
I want to go to Korea and Macau (LOL)
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    Wednesday, September 16, 2009

    Hari gw hepii bgd. pertama karena hr ini adalah ultah gw dan kdua krn tman" gw smua inged ma ulth gw.. huwaaa senangnya.. Mereka juga ngasi gw kue.. Bwd Janice dkk, thx ya bwd donatnya.. enak louu.. wkwkwk. Bwd tman" XIA3 yang tercinta, thx jga ya bwd kue ulthnya. Enak louu.. Btw, td gw ngerayainnya bareng ma Anas yang ulthnya tgl 15,trs kita disuru suap"an gtu.. Ya ampuuunn, uda kaya apa aja.. Trus kita jg foto" yahh walaupun ga byk" amad c fotonya. Pokonya, thx bgd bwd tman" smuaa.. love u guys!!! Hari ini bnr mnyenangkan bwd gw.. ^^ I hope tomorrow will be better than today.. Amen.. ^^

    happy.happy.happy. (: (:; 4:49 AM


    Monday, September 14, 2009

    Hai".. kynya dah lama bgd ya ga isi ni blog.. abis belakangan ini lgi bener" sibuk bangedh.. Yang pertama gara" ul yang hampir tiap harii. Mantap dah. Bikin orang stress.. huhuhuhuhu. Belom lgi peer" yang bejimun. Plg ga kl ulangan banyak, jgn di kasi peer kek. Kan kita juga cape ngerjain peer + belajar. Pokonya gw bakal brterimakasih bgd ama guru" yang jarang kasi peer. hehe.. Oiya, belakangan ini kayanya ge jga tambah males nii.. Huwaaa.!!! gimana dong.. Rsanya uda males bgd bikin peer. Jadi sering nunda" ngerjain peer. Pengennya maen n jalan" kl hari sabtu minggu.. Hmm,, about my class, really luv it. Kelas gw tuh kayanya anak"nya kompak n smuanya friendly. Rame, n seru abiss.. Apalagi kl lagi ga ada guru.. wah, bisa pada ngumpul n ngerumpi bareng. Dan yang plg asik tuh pas nonton bareng. Nontonnya c film serem, THE GRUDGE 3!!! Tapi mantep abiss.. nonton rame" kaya lgi di bioskop gtu.. hehehe. trus kl ada ada yg buka pintuu, kita ky marah" gtu. "Eh Tutup pintunya dongg.. kl mw masuk, masuk.. !!".. wkwkwk. Mantap. Tiap ist pasti pd ngeliatin gtu. pokonya pengalaman ga terlupakan de.

    p.s semoga kelas XIA3 bisa jadi kelas terbaik dan plg asik!!!

    happy.happy.happy. (: (:; 6:20 AM


    Saturday, August 1, 2009

    Hey Guys!! Just wanna share one of my favorite movie right now.. It's Up..!!! You know, an animation movie with 3D. Maybe this movie is a little late in Indonesia.. But I still love it soo much.. LOVE RUSSEL, DUG, AND CARL!! Especially Russel. He's adorably cute!! Fat innocent boy who wants to have a bandage from an old man named Carl. Dug is also cute. He's a talking dog. Even though his friends are bad and evil, but he has a kind heart. He's sooo cute with his voice and his big nose. Especially when he said "Hi There.." Huwaaa... love it. And for the old man, at first he's kinda arrogant, but in the end, he's not that bad. Actually he's a very nice old man.

    The story itself, tells us about, how we have to reach our dream even thoguh it's impossible. But believe it, your dreams will come true when try your best to reach it.. I really love the first part of Ellie and Carl. It's sooo sweett..!! I almost cried when I saw Ellie was died. The old man was alone.. really sad. I dropped my tears when Carl opened Ellie's book.. And there are some pictures of them having fun. It's sad and very touching. The film is soo meaningful to me. LOVE THAT SO MUCH!! You should watch it..


    happy.happy.happy. (: (:; 6:06 AM


    Friday, July 24, 2009

    Yesterday, I really had a very very great time.. We celebrated Shanti and Karin's B'day with all X8 members (But some of them couldn't make it.. >,<), Janice, Amel, Marli, and Nie".. It's such a great time. At first, I planned to buy a present for Cindy, so I decided to go to mall at 16.30 with Karin, Marli, etc. But then, we couldn't find anything good and it's already 17.30 so we went tO Pizza Hut.
    We ate together at Pizza Hut Lapiz, Took some pictures, and one of my friend played magic with his card. He's so good at magic. Too bad Marli only came for a while, because she had to go. Actually, it's kinda like X8 reunion, hehe.. Overall, I really enjoyed that party..


    happy.happy.happy. (: (:; 7:23 PM


    Monday, July 20, 2009

    Classy Look

    It's a very soft colour

    Black and White

    happy.happy.happy. (: (:; 12:13 AM


    Sunday, July 19, 2009

    My New Class in eleventh grade is great. But I think it's not as good as 9E and X8. I mean, those two classes is the best.. (But maybe XIA3 could be better.. h I hope so.. ). First, 9E, was the best class I have ever been when I was in junior high school. I had a LOT of friends. We hung out together, went to mall together, did projects together, and the best of all was the musical drama. The musical drama kinda made us more friendly and knew each other more. Even though we've been through the hard times, but, let's forget about that. Just think about the happy times we've been through. LOL. For X8.. Love u!!.. I'm kinda miss my friends from X8. For my friends from science class, maybe we could be in the same class. But for others from social class.. huwaaa... we just meet each other at break time. That's OK.. We could be friends.. When I was at X8, I felt very happy. I had so many friends. And most of the teachers are kind.. miss u guys!!!


    happy.happy.happy. (: (:; 3:41 AM


    Sunday, July 12, 2009

    School starts tomorrow.. Huwaaa.. this holiday passed quickly. I thought, it's just yesterday I've done my exams.. Sure it's fast.. I wonder what's going to be tomorrow. Is my class will be as great as X8?? or not.. But I hope it will be great.. Till now, I don't know who is my teacher.. Some of my friends said that the lessons will be start tomorrow.. But there are some of them who haven't bought the books.. So I think I won'y bring any of my book tomorrow. Because I'm not sure, the lessons will start tomorrow.. hhhh.. I really don't want to go to school tomorrow.. I still want to be at home.. playing my computer, listen to music, download videos or songs, watching TV, and do anything I want!!! Go to mall and shopping.. huwaaaa...
    Hope the lessons won't start tomorrow..


    happy.happy.happy. (: (:; 2:49 AM